Cireca Theranostics, LLC

Cireca Thernostics, LLC, understands that to find answers regarding the nature and treatment of diseases such as cancer, two things must occur: The right questions need to be established and the relevant information has to be found. And while we can’t tell you what to ask, we can show you where you should look.

Cireca, a leader in spectral-based tissue diagnostic technologies, has developed a novel information collection and correlation system with applications in research and clinical settings. Our proprietary technology offers professionals a greater volume and depth of accurate cell- and tissue-based information, down to the bio-chemical level. Coupled with our continuously growing database of bio-chemical markers from known diseased tissue samples, our system’s pertinent data allows for more measurable and definitive analysis that can help advance disease research and prognosis for more informed treatment options.


Technology Overview

Cireca's novel spectral-based system delivers more robust, definitive information, providing bio-chemical signature analysis and comparisons in real time.
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Latest News & Research

In an initial 80-slide comparison study indicates Cireca’s speed and accuracy will provide pathologist with a powerful quantitative diagnostic tool.
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